Blink. Blink. Blink.

The first moments of life for a newborn baby are not unlike the first of an organization like the Figs Foundation.

There is a lot of excitement and unanswered questions. There is dreaming about what the baby will become in the future. There is wondering about what kind of impact the little baby will have on the world. What relationships will be most important for the child to be successful in realizing its purpose in life? As it learns and grows, where should the person focus its time and resources? What is God calling the newborn child to do in life?

These questions are not so different from some of the deepest questions we faced when imagining the Figs Foundation.

Our purpose is to sow the seeds of the Gospel in the hearts of Japanese in Japan and all around the world.

We can only expect that the Figs Foundation will face many obstacles as we move forward. It is certainly not part of satan’s plan for the Gospel to advance in Japan. However, we are not deterred to inaction by the expectation of obstacles. We know that God is with us.

We expect hard decisions and big wins.

We expect joy and trial.

We expect opposition and support.

It is our prayer that God’s will be done in everything that we do. We pray that through everything the Figs Foundation the Gospel message will gain traction in Japan and in the hearts of Japanese people around the world. Our highest hope is that God be glorified through the Figs Foundation.