After talking to our friend Erich, we decided to create a video with lyrics for anyone who wants to sing along or practice the song to play at their own worship teams.

The recording we made is all in Japanese, and the video description contains a link to the original slides used for the video.

Please feel free to use them if you would like. Here is another link to the slides.

Here are the full lyrics we used in the video for easy copy and paste.

Verse 1

救い主が 語りかける

わたしの中 に見いだせ すべて


我がすべて イエスのもの

罪の 汚れをきよめる方

Verse 2

主の中にある その力が

病をいやし 心を変える

Verse 3

汚れたこの身 恵みにより

カルバリの血で 洗いきよめる



贖いだ さ れた 主の御名あがめる

P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about what our friend Erich is doing, check out he and his wife’s blog here: To give a little spoiler, they are Christian Missionaries to Osaka, Japan. They focus on things like missions development, training and church building.